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Lawyer Jacob King has established the King's Law Office PLLC to dedicate time and attention to individual customers.

Established in 2015


The Royal Law Office, PLLC, represents individuals in Gulfport and its surrounding areas. We focus on family law and human injury issues related to industrial accidents. We know how difficult it is to face serious legal problems. Dell is proud of the best customer service for our customers and the consistent and good results for our customers. We have a free initial consultation to help you get started as easily as possible. Contact us now. Schedule a free case review.

&Jacob;#34; &Jake;#34; King was born in Louisiana and now calls Mississippi home. King, who grew up in Denham Springs, Louisiana, went to Louisiana State University, where he earned a bachelor's degree #39; was retrieved. After completing his graduate studies, King received a Ph.D. in Juris at the University of Mississippi's Law Department in Jackson, Mississippi.

Jake started PLLC, the King Law Office, with the idea that customers always come first. Mr. King makes it a point to talk with the King's law firm, PLLC. If you are talking to a lawyer today, call Jacob King, Attorney at the PLLC King's Law Office.

The Mississippi state and federal courts are authorized to do so in all states.

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