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In 1980, Burt became the first attorney in Louisiana to advertise his practice as a personal injury lawyer on TV, and since then he has covered numerous law-related newspapers and TV feature articles. At that time, he was the only practicing doctor along with a private secretary. Since then, his company has grown into one of the largest personal injury corporations in the United States with more than 100 lawyers, more than 150 support staff, and more than $10 million a year in advertising budgets. The company currently has offices in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas.

Established in 1980


Many of our lawyers have extensive experience in the Accident Insurance Act. This includes special explanations for vehicle, truck, motorcycle accidents, personal injuries, compensation for workers, and defective products and drugs that cause injuries and death. We dedicate ourselves to defending the rights of victims to the damage inflicted on them by their negligence.

Morris Burt grew up in the New Orleans District, graduated from the University of New Orleans in 1975, and received a Ph.D. at Loyola Law School in 1978. When he was at law school, he served as the president of the Fialpha Delta legal world, as a member of the Blue Key National Honor Society and received the American Juris Prince Award. In 1978, he entered Bar, Louisiana, and is now a member of the Louisiana Judiciary Association and the Mississippi Judiciary Association, and he worked for the President of the Louisiana Judiciary Association. The United States gave a broad lecture on the issue at Tulan University, The School of Law, and New Orleans University. Morris and his wife Kathy have been married for over 35 years and have three daughters. He has a strong faith in his health and fitness, and regularly runs, bicycles, skiing, and tennis.

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