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PLLC is known for providing positive and proven representatives to individuals facing crimes. Even if you have been arrested for DUI, drug crimes, sexual crimes, felony and petty crimes, experienced Mississippi criminal lawyers are ready to fight for your freedom. As a law firm for boutiques, many large companies can take care that they cannot handle on a one-to-one basis. Plus, you have more than 30 years of collaborative experience and resources at your disposal. Our team can look forward to small companies' attention with their large performance. Start with a free consultation today.

Established in 2001


Have you recently been given an estimated drug race, careless driving and failed surrender ticket? Do you know what to do with expired licenses? If it sounds like this, legal assistance is needed. Most people don't just defend their innocence, they just pay the traffic ticket. Make sure that the fact that you changed the wrong lane or were driving lightly without a license is not kept away from the mirror row farm (PLLC). This legal team is ready to complete your case and invest in the happiness of those you love, regardless of the tickets you are fighting. Now is the time to make the right decision and rely on the mirror row farm, PLLC. Contact a traffic ticket attorney in Mississippi right now to schedule your first personal consultation and work on the case.

Adam Miller has more than 15 years of experience and has handled thousands of cases. He established Miller Law Farm (PLLC  ) to provide high quality, personal expression for people facing crimes. Making Adam a great lawyer is his ability to be a competent litigator and his passion to protect customers' rights. He finds rewards to help individuals overcome legal crises. Adam spent his whole career defending the charge of crime. He is a member of the National Criminal Lawyers Association and the National DUI Defense University.

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